Could you Wear You Tube Makeup in Real Life? These Refinery 29 Staffers did....

There is some CRAZY stuff happening in the land of makeup lately...have you noticed?  Overdrawn eyebrows, false lashes at PTA meetings, major highlight and contour in line at McDonald's.  As a makeup artist, I'm all about experimenting and playing with your look, but holy cow...I've never seen so many drag queen-esque women running around.  Thanks You Tube and Instagram!

Image Refinery 29

Refinery 29 is an awesome lifestyle/fashion/beauty blog, but to me, articles like this are what they do experimenting at it's finest!  Using their own staffers, talented Makeup Artist Nick Barose applied some current trendy looks...each person had to wear the makeup all day and gauge reactions from strangers and loved ones.  Want to find out what happened?  Click here to read the full article!

Have a great weekend!!

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