Unexpected Power Nap? Beauty Tips to Hide the Evidence! (Makeup.com feature)

Let's face it, a well timed power nap can be a lifesaver!  I've been known to work from 6am-6pm on a busy Saturday, then hit the couch for a few minutes of zzz's so I can stay awake at dinner for date night. You've gotta do what you can to keep moving, especially in the  middle of wedding season!  Or maybe it's 2pm on a work day, the carb crash sets in and before you know it, you're nodding off at your desk in between meetings.  Studies show that power naps (ideal time is 20 minutes) can be great to restore your mood, energy and productivity, but they sure can wreck your makeup.

So,...whether you're snagging a little shut eye behind closed doors in your office or dozing on the couch at home....how can you look as fresh as you feel after a nap? And NOT to look like a groggy, smeared mess?  Makeup.com wanted to know, so I shared a few of my favorite couch/desk tested tips......

Ice, Ice Baby!

One of the best tricks is to use one of those gel masks you keep in the fridge...
They are super cheap, super easy to use and can reduce puffiness like nothing else! Simply apply to your eye area for a few minutes. Don't have an eye mask?  Use a cold pack or heck, even a package of frozen peas! The cold will energize you, wake up your face and will reduce the puffy eye look that can accompany a mid-day nap.  If you use something frozen, put a thin towel between it and your skin to avoid redness.  (Bonus?  You can also use your cold eye mask anytime for bumps and bruises too....)

That word we all hate....MOIST
(Ugh, I only like that word when referring to chocolate cake, but I digress...)
Seriously....if you have dry skin, a nap will make your skin look parched! Upon waking, you need moisture, ASAP. If you don't have time to reapply everything, simply apply a little oil free moisturizer right on top of your makeup...just use it sparingly.  After that, spritz with Evian water or a hydrating product like Mac Fix+ spray to infuse even more moisture back into your skin.  To finish, I like to take a dampened Beauty Blender and bounce it (a light stippling motion, not rubbing) on my foundation lightly to make sure everything is smooth and blended. When you just can't redo your makeup...this approach works really, really well to rehydrate and refresh your whole look, and it just takes a minute or two!

Want to know even more?  Check out the article featured in Makeup.com with additional "hide the nap" tips from me,   This site is chock full of articles and tips on all things makeup and beauty....you'll be adding it to your favorites list for sure.

Best tip?  If you can, train yourself to sleep on your back like this little guy....if you do, there's  lot less to fix when you wake up.   For the rest of us who sleep with our faces smashed into the pillow...or keyboard....try these tricks next time you've just gotta take a nap, and no one will be the wiser!

Really just  needed an excuse to post this picture... ; )

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