Don't Make this Bridal Beauty Makeup Mistake! (Bridal Guide Magazine Featured Tip of the Day)

I love doing wedding makeup for lovely brides each's amazing to help a woman feel beautiful on the most important day of her life.  I'll never get tired of bridal artistry and the creativity that goes into it, but I also really enjoy being a practical resource and a problem solver for my brides!  I love sharing advice and tips that will make the planning process easier and less stressful. After 20 plus years in the biz, I've been there, done that and seen it all!  (Am I jinxing myself by saying that!?! Hope not...) As a wedding beauty expert,  I frequently contribute articles and tips to magazines and blogs on anything related to bridal makeup (and sometimes food too..hey, whatever they want to know, I'm happy to help!)
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Let's face it, wedding planning is OVERWHELMING! It's takes lots of time to plan, there are a million details and sticker shock can throw you and your fiance for a loop.  There are so many things about wedding planning that you may not know....but not to worry!  There are tons of resources out there for you....blogs, articles, magazines...all filled with tips and tricks to make planning your nuptials a total breeze. Bridal Guide Magazine recently asked me to contribute a few tips on "Top 25 Wedding Day Makeup Mistakes Brides Make".  I shared several things, but one stood out, and I'm so glad it was featured in the magazine's Tip of the day...because it's one that brides truly don't know.....

So what's the tip?

Plain and simple...DON'T WAIT!  I've been a makeup artist for a long time and the timeline for booking makeup has really changed!!

Engaged girls used to book makeup dead last....2-3 months out from wedding day was very common and that "suggested timeline" was even listed in bridal planning guides as standard.  These days?  Girls book EARLY....I've already had a few inquiries for 2016, and I know other artists have too!  Brides have access to a lot more information, they tend to get more in-depth suggestions from other vendors and thanks to social media and websites, they can easily check out an artist's work months ahead of time without even having to make an appointment.  Add to that the fact that bridal beauty has been ranking higher than ever on the "must have" priority list of many brides, and it all adds up to girls identifying and booking their favorite artist much earlier now... about 6 months to a year in advance.

Truly, there is nothing sadder than getting an excited "I love your work, can't wait to meet you!" email or phone call, just to tell the bride her date is already booked up and I can't help.  I recently spoke with a bride who has been following me on social media for over a year, but didn't call until 3 months out....yep, her date was totally full and I had to refer her on to someone else.  We were BOTH really sad about it, I think we would've been such a good fit for each other!  She truly didn't realize that the makeup timeline had changed....she told me that she hadn't heard anyone talk about it, nor had she seen that information on any bridal magazines or blogs. I realized that although wedding insiders knew things had changed, newly engaged chicas may not have gotten the word yet.

So ladies, if you are a bride to be and you're reading this now....don't wait!  Call or email today so your artist can assemble a price quote for you and get the process started with plenty of time to spare. There's really no such thing as too early, and you'll feel great knowing you've got your preferred artist booked and you won't have to scramble!

Want to find out more tips that'll prevent YOU from making a bridal beauty mistake?  Check out the full article from Bridal Guide Magazine here.....

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