Lip Stains 101, everything you need to know! (Plus.... Lip Service Featured in Beauty High!)

I recently was asked to write an article on lip stains....great topic!   I think a lot of people aren't quite sure how to use them or which ones to choose.  So, here we go....Lip stain 101!!

As the name implies, a stain will impart long-lasting color to your doesn't just sit on top of your lips like glosses and lipsticks do, it actually stains the skin on your lips.  I like to use a stain as a bottom layer for a long-lasting lip color look...great for brides and weddings, or even just a big night out!  Lip stain followed by a creamy lipstick ensures a vibrant color, and won't leave you with that ugly "ring" when your lipstick starts to wear off.  Another great use for lip stains are for very natural makeup looks.  I use a lip stain mixed with balm when I'm doing "no makeup" makeup on children and men for commercial
Commercial Shoot for Girl Scouts of America can replicate a naturally flushed look that doesn't look like any color has been applied.  Great trick! If you're just a really natural makeup girl, this tactic can also work for you.

If you're going to use a traditional liquid lip stain, you have to be sure your lips have been exfoliated and primed with lip balm (exfoliate the night before, do lip balm to sleep in, and again first thing in the morning...let it soak in before you do your makeup.)  I like Chapstick Hydration Lock balm
for this purpose. Lip stain has zero moisture and many contain alcohol and can actually dry your lips a bit, so proper prep is key to good results! 

Lip stains come in many shades, but unlike lipstick, they don't have opacity or creaminess....this means that some shades that might work on you in a lipstick won't look good in a lip stain.  Remember lip stains are all about creating the illusion of naturally flushed lips, so you can't go wrong by choosing tones that duplicate a naturally rosy pout....a mid-tone berry or peachy-rose works on
EVERYONE, as would a soft (not super bright!) red.  Pat on your lips using your 4th finger....gently push the pigment into your lips.  Don't use liner, but you can use a small lip brush if you want a more precise look. Lip stains typically won't bleed like lipsticks do...bonus!
For pigment and stain with more moisture, try a lip stain/balm combo, there are many on the market at every price point! (I like the Revlon versions....)  These are a hybrid of lip balm mixed with lip stain, so they provide long lasting color as well as moisture.  They apply like a lip crayon, so it's easy to get precise results.  As with regular lip stains, you'll want to stick with berry, reddish or  pinky-peach shades for the most natural look.  They don't last quite as long as traditional stain, but they're easy to apply and a great alternative option if regular stain dries out your lips too much.  Lip balm/stain combos are a great choice for every day, it's like applying your lip balm and getting a little punch of color at the same time!

Before/After of Client using a rosy lip balm/stain instead of lipstick
 If you have sensitive lips, stains might not work well for you, as they might irritate...try a lip balm/stain combo instead.  Everyone should avoid very dark lip stain, as well as very light shades...remember, lip stains don't have opacity like lipsticks do, these colors don't translate well and can look really unflattering.  Avoid lip stains completely if your lips are dry and chapped....this product doesn't provide coverage, so they flakes will show....stick with creamy lipsticks and balms to restore the moisture to your lips.

Want to read more about Lip Stains?  My comments pulled from this article, along with tips from other makeup artists were featured today in a recent article on Beauty here to read more!

I am happy to be a regular contributor to Beauty's an awesome beauty blog...check it out for great tips on skin, hair, makeup and more!

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