Rainy Day Makeup Tips (Daily Makeover Feature)

As I look out the window at this dreary day, I realized the perfect timing of my most recent blog feature in Daily Makeover....Rainy Day Makeup Tips!  Might really come in handy, it's due to rain all day tomorrow and Saturday as well....

So, when it's rainy and wet outdoors, what can you do to keep your makeup intact? 

Waterproof your Lashes -   The most obvious tip?  Use waterproof mascara, and coat lashes well. But you might not know that you should only use waterproof formulas occasionally, it's too drying for everyday use!    

Choose a Liner that Won't Budge - Choose a waterproof gel formula... once it's set, it won't move!
There are formulas at every price point, I like Inglot AMC-77 for a black as night, budge proof line, and Maybelline's Master Drama Gel liner works well too and is super affordable.  Liquid liner is the worst choice, it tends to run the minute water hits it!  Bonus to using a waterproof gel liner?  You can paint on your waterline (use a small eyeliner brush) for long-lasting impact that doesn't fade like pencil does.

Perfect a Rain Proof Pout -  Skip gloss and use lipstick instead.  Try this technique...tap on lipstick with your finger instead of applying straight from the
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tube...this will infuse color into your lips in a way that won't wash off, or melt down in the rain.  Gloss is too sticky, it can run, and it's a disaster if it's windy!

Go For Creams instead of Liquids -  On rainy days, you'll have better luck with cream foundation, blush and even shadow...set them with a micro-fine setting powder for all day wear.  Not all creams are created equally....look for cream/gel combos with good pigmentation in formulas that aren't too slippery for best results.  Butter London Cream Blush is a current fave!

Don't Touch!  - Most important tip is to not touch your face.  Why? What really ruins your makeup isn't water (especially in small amounts), it's the combo of water and pressure from wiping your face and eyes.  If your face gets wet...whether it's rain, tears, or sweat...do not wipe, period.
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Blot off excess water carefully with a tissue or even a paper towel and your makeup (yes, even mascara) should stay intact!

So there you have it, a few quick and easy tips that will help you stay beautiful no matter how ugly the weather gets!

Oh, and be sure to click here to see the article on Daily Makeover, and while you're there, check out all the other fun tips on makeup, hair and all things girlie!  I especially love their use of my fave classic red lips in their logo...love it.  


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