January Beauty Tips - Winter-Proofing your Skin and Hair! (The Today Show Feature)

I've always loved beauty tips and tricks.... 

Don't you?  I remember reading Glamour and Redbook when I was in 6th grade and just devouring all of the beauty articles...even though I was barely wearing lip gloss and most of it didn't apply to me! I just loved feeling "in the know"....

My passion for makeup and beauty began in the glossy pages of those magazines.  Who knew all these years later I'd be a working makeup artist and writer...doling out the very same type of beauty advice?  #waycool
So...back in December, I wrote about 6 beauty articles for various publications on topics from snowproofing makeup, winter-proofing makeup, and even NAP proofing makeup....just a variety of tips and tricks you can use to look fab no matter what's going on.  January is here and pretty much, everything's been published at the same time.  I guess it makes sense....I mean, why talk about winter proofing makeup in Spring??   

Fast forward to Friday.... this article I wrote was published...on the Today Show!  As in THE Today Show!  My comments/content are interspersed with fab makeup and hair pros, and curated by the awesomely talented writer and beauty blogger Aly Walansky (see her blog "A Little Alytude" here)....who I work with often. She's terrific and really knows her stuff, so I'm thrilled to be included in this Today Show feature with her. AND...let's not forget that these tips are practical and will still come in handy!  Although this week is mild, winter is far from over and we've got some chilly temps heading our way next week.

Ready to read more about How to Winter Proof Your Skin and Hair?  Click here for the full article...

I still love beauty advice....giving it and reading about it...great products to try, beauty hacks, things to make our daily makeup routine easier.  I hope you find my tips, and the other pro tips in this article helpful this winter!  I'll see what other goodies I can get ready for you by Spring ; )

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