How to Protect Your Makeup From the Snow (MAKEUP.COM Feature)

It's funny, I wrote several beauty articles over the month of December.... and they are all getting published all at the same time!

With our dog Tank - December 2013
 January is definitely a good time to talk about how to look great despite cruddy weather, that's for sure.  Here in Texas it was 18 degrees this morning...EIGHTEEN DEGREES.  No snow, but super cold and windy....Brr!!  I'm originally from Wisconsin, so I am very, VERY familiar with snow.....
It did snow in winter 2013/2014, in fact we had an "Icemageddon" with ice and snow that pretty much kept all schools and businesses at a standstill for a couple of days.  Overall, Dallas/Fort Worth is NOT prepared for sub zero temps and/or 2 inches of ice on the ground, but since the kids were out of school...we made the best of it!

Flash forward to this winter.....the beauty gurus at popular beauty blog asked me for a couple of my favorite makeup tips that can stand up to freezing here to read the feature!  Follow these suggestions and you'll look like a gorgeous snow bunny instead of a human popsicle.

Stay warm, and stay beautiful ladies!!

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