Looking Great...even WITH the Flu! (Daily Makeover Feature)

Did you get your flu shot this year?  I did!  Like most people I know, I'm so darn busy, I try to do everything I can to stay healthy and prevent getting the crud.....vitamins, hand sanitizer...the works. But guess what?  On the Monday morning before Thanksgiving, I woke up feeling awful....and it turned out to be THE FLU.  What?!?  The flu shot only covers a few strains, and apparently, a different strain not covered in the flu shot I'd already gotten was going around North Texas. AWESOME.  I took Tamiflu during the day, pumped Nyquil at night and didn't get out of bed for several days.... while catching up on way too much reality TV. By the time Saturday rolled around, I wasn't contagious anymore, but still didn't feel or look great.  I had a wedding to do...time to rally!

I arrive at the venue and lo and behold, my poor bride shows up straight from the emergency room with....you guessed it, THE FLU! On her wedding day....is there a worse time?!?!  She had puffy and watery eyes, a red nose and just looked really tired.  Poor thing, she felt awful, but wanted to enjoy her wedding anyway and was determined to buck up. She had the best attitude!!  Her bridesmaids kept her supplied with cough drops and meds while I applied her makeup carefully and thoughtfully, making a few adjustments...a bit more color corrector to hide her red nose, a bit more liner and shadow to make her eyes look glamorous instead of tired and puffy....PLENTY of blush and bronzer for a healthy glow. When all was said and done,...you'd never even know she was sick!

Lindsey and one of her bridesmaids looking amazing...and not sick!....during her wedding reception

Lindsey's mom told me later that looking so good actually helped her FEEL better and enjoy her wedding!  Makeup can really work wonders, can't it?!? So...what can YOU do if you have a cold or flu, but you still have to look good?!?  Maybe it's a job interview, a special party, or yes, even your own wedding......anything where showing up looking like death warmed over just wouldn't fly.

Check out this link from fab wedding blog The Daily Makeover with tips from me and other beauty experts to help you look AND feel better!  Everything from "get the good Kleenex" to solutions to hide your red nose....keep this handy next time you feel awful, but need to look amazing. #noonewillknow!

Here's to hoping your 2015 has gotten off to a happy...and healthy...start!

9 Beauty Tips to Disguise Seasonal Cold and Flu

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