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Personally I think beauty options are such a perk of being a woman!  With a few makeup/hair/wardrobe changes, we can show the world so many sides of ourselves...sexy, silly, romantic, powerful....the options are endless and it's really kind of magical.  Growing up, we watched our moms make these transitions, and if you've got girls of your own, they're watching you to learn all about beauty too!

I still remember watching my mom get ready for a special occasion...choosing just the right necklace, the perfect lipstick and perfume.  In fact, my mom kickstarted my love affair with makeup!  She had a HUGE makeup gift she'd received as a gift, and thankfully...allowed me to play with it, and poof!  A makeup lover was born.

There is a strong bond between moms and daughters and beauty, don't you think? Girls pick up quickly how their mom feels about beauty and taking care of herself, so I think it's important to show the young ladies in our lives positive examples.  Why not incorporate a little beauty into  your Mother's Day tradition? Pick up a new lipstick for yourself, get facials with your daughters, or book a makeup lesson for your mom....make it fun and get creative trying to find something new to do every year. 

Whether you're a mom, a dedicated Auntie, or maybe even a step mom like me, hopefully you're being treated to some R&R today!  Regardless of what your family has planned or if Mom's Day brunch is already over...there's still time to treat yourself too, and as this article from SheKnows illustrates, it doesn't have to cost a lot either.....

See tips from me and other beauty and other experts for great suggestions!!

Have a truly BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day everyone!

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