As we slowly transition into spring the days oddly seem to be getting colder and colder. Silver frosted mornings, bitter cold days and icy nights are still very much a thing and so baths are always a welcome treat. I've rounded up a few of my favourite Easter & spring picks from Lush, everything in there is so irresistible at the moment!

Flowering Tea Bubble Bar
This reusable tea bag shaped bubble bar is ideal to lift spirits on stormy rainy days. With sunny orange flower, uplifting neroli and filled with blue cornflower petals that float in the bath, it's such a heavenly treat.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt
With a sweet toffee scent, glittery gold lustre and likeness to the Harry Potter golden egg I just couldn't resist this heavenly bath treat. The glittery gold layers melt away and infuse the water with a luxe mix of moisturising olive oil, coco butter and uplifting sweet orange and bergamot oil. It's ideal for parched winter skin!

Rose Bombshell
I have a soft spot for anything from Lush with the Rose Jam scent, filled with yellow rose petals, rose absolute and Sicilian lemon oil, this floral treat transforms the bath into a soft, silky pink hue. The divine sweet yet sharp fragrance fills the whole bathroom and the balancing, restoring and uplifting ingredients help you to recharge and unwind.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb
This adorable Easter egg creates a dreamy light pink bath with clouds of pink fluff. The combination of the sweet snow fairy scent, candy flowers and cute design makes this the ideal pick for Easter!

I also picked up this new blush/pale pink bath mat from H&M home, I can't decide whether I love it or whether it looks a little Granny-esque!

Have you pick up anything from Lush recently?

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