Don't be So SENSITIVE! Three ways to remove makeup that won't sting your eyes....

I'm talking about your eyes, not your feelings!
 Do you have sensitive eyes?  I do!  For the longest time, I was on the search for any makeup remover...literally ANY I could find that didn't sting my eyes when I took off my eye makeup each night.  Everything I tried, from expensive to drugstore, no matter how highly recommended....just stung like crazy and made my eyes red and watery!  After years of trial and error, plus some research and in one case... a trip to the eye doctor....I have three makeup remover options that work well for me.....

Baby Your Eyes!

Years ago, I scratched my cornea and had to go to the eye doctor.  I got meds (drops, I think) and the doc told me to not use any makeup (gasp!) and no cleansers of any kind except baby shampoo. Um...what?  At the time, I thought it was a weird suggestion, but it really makes sense if you think about it.  If baby shampoo won't make your 4 month old cry, surely it won't make YOU cry, right?
So, for about a week I wore no makeup and washed my face with baby shampoo.  A little drying on my skin, but definitely no irritation on my skin OR eyes.  Once I started wearing makeup again, I thought I'd try removing my eye makeup with it....and it worked really well!  The PH balanced
formula doesn't sting.

The Good: 

  • Cheap!  Get a big bottle of J&J brand at Target for $4.50, (cheaper if you get generic) the price is tough to beat. 
  • Multi-purpose - use on your toddler's hair, use as body wash, use to wash out lingerie (check out my article here for more on this beauty hack, plus others!)
  • No tears, Ph balanced formula is gentle on your baby, and you
  • Did I mention it's really cheap!?!
The Bad:
  • It's a little have to smear it all into your eyemakeup and then wash it off.
  • Doesn't remove waterproof gel liner and waterproof mascara very easily
  • Make sure you get plain, traditional baby shampoo...if you choose one with fragrance or other things added to it, you'll negate the "no irritation" aspect.  I always choose Johnson and Johnson No Tears...kickin' it old school.

Those Awesome Green Wipes

When working with clients, I need makeup wipes for quick cleansing before an application or a lesson.  There are tons on the market, but Garnier's The Refreshing Remover Wipes are my hands down favorite (clearly!  I've mentioned them here and here)!  Why?  Obviously, they don't sting my
eyes, but there are a whole bunch of other reasons too:

The Good:
  • Great smell - very fresh and clean
  • Affordable - About $5.99 for a pack of 25 (often on sale for $4.99)
  • Portable and easy - I pack them in my kit, my purse, even my nightstand for quick makeup removal before bed
  • Easy to find at Ulta, CVS, Target, etc.
  • Gentle formula - no residue.  Many wipes leave an oily film, these don' feels very clean
  • Removes makeup really well...even waterproof stuff.
The Bad:
  • I go through soooo many of them, that they cease to be affordable to me.  Last year alone I bought 75 packs, so at $5 a pack? of the more expensive options.  You wouldn't go through as many as I do, obviously, but you do pay for convenience when you purchase pre-moistened wipes.  That's about it!  No other negatives I can think of.
Remove your Makeup....with Water?

Yep, water!  How you ask?  Well, not just ANY water, but Micellar water.  Micellar water has been around for years, it's really popular in France and Korea, and makeup artists love to use it backstage for fashion shows where makeup has to be done and then redone quickly.  Why?  Micellar water cleanses with little micelles...molecules suspended in the water that attach to dirt and oil like a magnet!  Simply apply to a cotton pad and swipe to remove makeup...keep going until the pads aren't
dirty anymore.

The Good:
  • It's water, so absolutely no stinging or irritation of any kind!  Love that...
  • Super gentle on the rest of my skin as well
  • Perfect used with a Q-tip to clean up winged liner or a random mistake
  • Removes makeup pretty well, without using a lot of chemicals and no dyes or perfumes.
  • Pair with a sleeve of cotton pads and you're all set...easy and quick
The Bad:
  • Somewhat expensive.  I purchased Bioderma Crealine Cleansing water on Amazon for $14.42 for 100 ml, a fairly small bottle.
  • Not as accessible as other cleansers.  I checked a few beauty stores that had no idea what I was talking about before I ordered online. You can't pick this up at CVS.....
  • If you have a full face of makeup, it might take 5-6 cotton pads to get it all off, which takes longer than other methods.
So there you have it, not one, not two, but THREE options to remove your eye makeup for those of us with sensitive eyes.  Do you have another favorite remover?  Have you tried any of my favorites? Share in the comments below!

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