Foolproof One-Step Eyeshadow that Works on Everyone...Really!

When I teach lessons and classes, women always tell me that they are overwhelmed with many brands, so many types, so many techniques....just too many choices.  That's great for special nights out when you want to experiment and do it up, but for everyday, most women want a simple and quick go-to that always works, no fuss, no muss.  Makes sense, right?  Well ladies, you came to the right place...I have your foolproof plan of action for a simple, easy eye makeup routine that takes seconds, but still looks great!


Start by choosing a neutral shade in a shimmer formulation....bronze, gray and taupe work best! Taupe...or a cross between bronze and gray, works on everyone because it isn't too warm or cool, and the color will automatically adjust to your skin tone.  Bonus....these shades look great with any eye color too!

Apply shadow over lid area up to brow bone and blend well so there are no edges.  Use your finger or a medium size shadow brush to blend.  No need to apply in the crease, you're aiming for a soft wash of overall color.  See how simple this is?!?!  No need for 12 rainbow shades, if you want to keep it quick...this one shade will get it done!

Add a little black mascara and poof, you're ready to go!  If you want more definition, you can add a little black liner like in the photo above, but you don't have to.

A few things to note:

- Choose a shade that isn't too warm (orange) or too cool (frosty or blue looking) for the most flattering effect
- Don't choose a shade with glitter...shimmer and glitter aren't the same!  Shimmer consists of very tiny shimmery particles blended seamlessly into the shadow pigment, glitter is chunkier particles that you can clearly see.  IMO, glitter should be saved for costumes, halloween, cheer competitions, drag shows and Las Vegas.  Ok, MAYBE a girls night out, but you get the's generally not a good choice for a daytime, natural look. ; )
- Since you're only using one shade, be sure to blend lines!
- Choose a powder, or consider a cream formula.  Cream formulas are super long lasting and don't need eyeshadow primer...again, be sure the shimmer in a cream formula isn't too obvious.

Here are a few of my favorite shades at different price points, but it's not important to choose these specific ones...any similar shade will work.

                                                   MAC Cosmetics - Satin Taupe

                                                     "Barlust" - bottom left corner
                          From the Urban Decay "Smoked Palette" - Sadly, Discontinued!
A closer look at "Barlust" from Urban Decay

                               Maybelline "Bad to the Bronze" - a great cream shadow option!

So there you have it...a super quick eye that anyone can master, with no worries that you picked the wrong color for your skin tone or eye color.  Have fun finding your perfect "one stop shop" shade and tell us what it is!  Everyone can use a new favorite. This eye look  really couldn't be any easier! Simple and quick without sacrificing looking polished and pretty......AND out the door in a flash in the morning.  I think that's a win-win-win!!!!

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