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Do you read Allure magazine?  They've always got that little feature near the front, "Beauty by the Numbers" that lists out fun beauty stats using numbers.....some movie star uses 27 jars of face cream each year or interesting!  (Check out this article about Fashion Week by the Numbers for an example...)

So....for fun, I just threw this together with my own little set of random Lip Service Makeup number factoids.  I limited it to items where I either knew the actual number, or could somehow find it, or count to get it.  Ready?  Here we go......

Shoot with Troy Aikman at Valley Ranch

Tip published in Bridal Guide
58 dozen - Number of false lashes I purchased last year

Just a few lashes in my stash!
16 - number of different lash styles I keep in my kit

1 - number of SuperBowl winners I've worked with (hey Troy! )

3 - number of "red lip" purses I own (2 gifts, one I bought myself)

7-14 - age range of the group of Girl Scouts I made up for a National Shoot last year

5 - average number of magazine/blog  beauty tips, and articles I write/submit to various publications each week

714 - number of faces...women, men and children that I applied makeup to in 2014 (I only started keeping track 3 years idea what my annual average was in the past!)

23 - number of years I've been a pro artist (I started when I was dum dum...! I wish...)

18 - how many years ago I created the original Lip Service logo

1 - number of feature films I've worked on thus far - hasn't been released yet..: (  It was fun though!

A super cute lip purse I got as a birthday present!
13- Number of lipsticks/glosses in my purse this very second

6- Number of those lipstick/glosses that are various shades of red (what?  You thought it'd be more?!?)

70 - number of lovely brides I had the pleasure of beautifying last year (Love you girls!!)

16 - Total number of those brides who happen to be nurses

Doing Taylor's bridal makeup....

15 - number of faces in my largest wedding party thus far

1 - Number of times I've done makeup for a girl going to a KISS 106.1 sponsored 100% surprise prom  (it was so cool!  Read more here...)

40- number of minutes I usually schedule for makeup per person on wedding day (a perfect, relaxed pace)
Ashley's surprise prom!

12 - number of minutes I spent per person when I needed to do makeup for 14 fourteen year olds in just under 3 hours (Whew! that was fast!)

Speed makeup on 14 girls!
2 - number of makeup chairs I own (one stays in my car, one for my home studio)

0 - number of times I've applied brown blush to my clients ('s a pet peeve of mine)

25, 686 - Number of pageviews on my blog right now

1696 - Number of pageviews on my blog from followers in Russia (Russians really dig Lip Service I guess?)

- total percentage of my social media followers who are men (Thanks guys!)

4am - time I had to get up to do a big, morning wedding on my birthday last year

89 - number of before/after pics I could find with my striped shower curtain in the background (from my cozy, home studio!)
Sweet Ashley again...see that striped curtain on the right?!?
18 - Bags of Hershey kisses I purchased last year to go into touch up kits/goodie bags (a girl's gotta have her emergency wedding day chocolate!)

6 - Average number of Saturdays I have off each year ( #1 goal? SLEEP!  After that, I'll run errands, get a massage., spend time with friends and family....I try to make those days off count!)

365 - Number of days each year I thank God that I stumbled into this profession I love so much!  (Ok that was cheesy, but I had to throw it in!)

For real...this job truly is my passion!  Not just doing makeup, but helping women feel beautiful, teaching, writing, forming bonds with brides who become friends, and vendors who are now like family.  I'm so grateful to everyone who supports and encourages me so I can do what I do.  And the number I'd put on that?  You guessed it...#priceless.

Have a great day everyone!!

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