Should you Keep Your Makeup in the Fridge? (Daily Makeover Feature)

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Is your fridge full of healthy food, leftovers or "single girl style"... champagne, cake and accessories... like this one?  Probably something a little in between, but can I just say that I really want to know if you really do keep a feather boa in your crisper drawer....#weirdbutfabulous! What about beauty products and you store any of your faves in the refrigerator?  Nail polish, lipsticks, face they benefit, or break down...from being in the cold?  There are opinions on both sides of the coin, that's for sure!

When Daily Makeover called to ask my opinion, here's what I had to say.....

When NOT to put cosmetics in the fridge: 
  • Kohl eye pencils ...the ones you use on your inner want those to be nice and soft, not hard. Ouch!
  • Cream or Gel cosmetics like blushes and lipsticks shouldn't go in and out of the fridge....the inconsistent temps and repeated cooling/warming/cooling cycle will lead to condensation and changes in the texture of the product.  Gels and creams that are too cold also won't apply or blend well.
  • Many people swear by putting nail polish in the fridge, but this can actually make the polish thicker over time,..not good! (Cosmetic manufacturers recommend room temp for nail polish.)
  • If your fridge is overstocked with food, especially potential contaminants like raw meats. If you do put products in the fridge anyway, dedicate a separate drawer or even a small tub with a lid. the last thing you'd want for products going on your face is contamination risk from food products, or makeup that smells like leftovers...yuck!
When Fridge storage could be a good idea:
  • Eye creams and serums feel great refrigerated!  The cold will work especially well in the
    morning to de-puff the undereye area, especially in summer.
  • If you live in a really hot area and it's hard to keep your home cool, keeping a few precious items in the fridge might work for you.  (We're talking ambient temps indoors above 80 or so)
  • If you accidentally melt a lipstick, a few minutes in the fridge will return it to it's normal shape and consistency.  
  • Lip or Eye pencils - If you want a really sharp point on your lip or eye pencil, a few minutes in the fridge before sharpening will do the trick. 
  • Organic or homemade cosmetics without preservatives must go in the fridge, but be sure to check expiration because although they will stay fresh longer, they won't stay fresh indefinitely.

My #1 Favorite beauty item to keep in the fridge?  My gel eye mask!   When you wake up with a puffy face or eyes from allergies or lack of sleep, a few minutes with this cold mask on your face will wake you right on up!  Seriously, nothing works better to de-puff and fake a good night's sleep...I learned this trick during the days when I needed to be in FRONT of the camera, theses babies really work. (A gel eye mask is also a great quick fix post more here....)

Be sure to check out the article with a few of  my comments, plus a few from other beauty experts on the topic.  I always say, if it works for you, then it's not wrong!  When it comes to keeping beauty products in cold storage, it's truly just a matter of opinion. What about you...any beauty products you swear work better when kept in the fridge? 

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